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About Me!

My name is Maggie Fisher

Born rather a lot of decades ago now - 6 - to be precise!
Born to parents that moved about a lot when I was little as dad was in the Army and then settled down to the "normal family life" and growing up. Normal - there is no such thing! A step big brother who up and left when I was 11 - I met him again when I was 56. A younger brother and sister - who it turns out are half brother and sister as well - now I know why we never got on!!
Actually the reality was I was a cow! Not a very good teenager and determined to grow up in 5 minutes hence pregnant at 17!
Back then, that meant people crossing the street not to talk to you especially as I was unmarried and life was difficult - no benefits then - and a father who was so ashamed of me and beat me up.
I eventually met someone who would accept my child and I married him, I thought I loved him, in fact I did BUT two years later and another baby I discovered he'd been having affairs since 6 weeks after we'd been married .
Looking to be loved - I think so!
I stayed and had 2 more children but eventually even though the affairs had stopped; I fell in love with someone else and after years of being beaten up, cheated on and treated like a skivvy I met someone who loved me for who I am, let me be who I am.
We married a couple of years later and another five after that I had another child.
My wonderful husband died of cancer 2 weeks before she was 2 years old!!
Devastation and depression followed with older children leaving home and a pain that it really is" unless you've been there - you really don't know!"
I was on my own for 5 years and in between time my senile dementia mother -in-law who I nursed at home altogether for 10 years had a stroke and died, a year later my mother died of cancer and 2 years after that my father died of cancer too!!
I then met someone who made me feel alive again - only to be devastated that monogomy was not a trait that he could follow or value!
More years on my own, working and trying to keep a roof over our heads and I met the guy who moved me up to the North of England.
Stripped me slowly of any assets and then run off with a millionaire -ess!
Even more years on my own - meanwhile my youngest had grown up, I had worked my way up to being a Manager running charity projects and THEN
An Angel Conference - Diane Cooper - clear the decks - be totally honest and be very clear about what you want and then ask the angels.
Within hours the phone had rang, a blind date set up for Valentines night and the rest is history.
Yes! Even down to the blue eyes, hair on his head, doesn't like football - Yippee! Loves motorbikes - Yippee - still in working order & 12 years younger than me!! Loyal, honest, hardworking with a silly sense of humor - A DIAMOND!!
I am now semi-retired working on my websites and building them too for my mentor. With 5 children, 14 grandchildren 5 great grandchildren and 1 on it's way PLUS
My husband had been married before so there's 2 more children, 7 grandchildren and a great grand child +another on the way.
My partners got 2 children and 9 years later we are still in love, we still have a date every Tuesday night and we are very happy!
If anyone had told me what my life would turn out like, I wouldn't have believed them, the experiences I've had, the people I've met, made friends with, worked for and with. As I sit in my office looking up at a lovely sky, clear blue right this minute, ( not for long I don't suppose) blessed with good health, and everyone being relatively happy, settled and in good health too! What a blessing!!