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Family Christmas Poems


Get togethers all around these Family Christmas Poems waiting for all to be unwrapped, emotions and joy to overflow, laughter tinkling through the air. Celebration filling our hearts with family christmas verses and poems for everyone.
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Families meeting up
From all around the place;
Always well looked foward too
Because it's pretty ACE.

Been too busy all year round
With so many things to do;
It's always so lovely to catch up
With every single one of you.


All gathered here together
It happens every year;
Enjoying lots of things
As Grandma sheds a tear.

The numbers are still growing
We will soon lose the count;
It doesn't matter where we go
They always apply some discount.

My Mom always says it's all her fault
She never thought it through;
She loved having babies
And started off with two.

But then when they grew up
Husband and wives appeared;
Then lots more babies
Year upon year, upon year.

Now they have wives and husbands
Their babies are coming now;
Quite easily we've multiplied
Well sown this field we've ploughed
Merry Christmas EveryoneXXX



The tinsel is hung up

The tree adorned with lights;

The pretend snow is all around

All colours shining bright.

The twinkles are in our eyes

Exciting times are here;

Wating for the sound of hooves

That Father Time is near.

Rudolph is the leader

We know his nose is red;

Are all the little children

Tucked up in their wee beds?

Stockings hang on the mantel

Milk & biscuits on the hearth;

For all the prayers gone up this night

The big one is for Peace on earth!



I know I'm no angel but the top of the tree
Sounds an incredibly prickly place to be;
I've got tinsel and lights and my clothing is sparse
I've also got a big twig stuck up my a...!

So c'mon down must be the words that are said
And get up out of your lazy bed;
It's dawn on christmas day,don't you know
Plus guess what! We've already got snow!!

So pressies and lots of good food for today
You've pushed the boat out-that I must say;
But most precious of all is my friendship with you
Lets celebrate that and have a bit of a do!
Merry Christmas to my Best friend!


Family Christmas Poems


There's a magic in knowing
That Christmas is here.
In the warmth and the laughter
The joy and good cheer.

Hope all of these things
And many more too.
Make this Christmas happy
The best yet for you.


There has never been a couple
More special than you two.
For, no matter what Life may bring
Your love comes shining through.

And as Christmas time comes round
You're wished that it will bring.
A special kind of happiness
And joy in everything!

So, as the Christmas bells ring out
And the season passes by.
May it leave lovely memories
That in your hearts will always lie.

For you are held so very dearly
Within the family
And you're wished a time of peace and joy
And love and harmony.



Christmas brings fond memories
Of people we hold dear
And laughter, joy and gladness
Whenever they are near.

You are all so very special
And this wish is so sincere;
Have a very Happy Christmas
And a wonderful New Year.

Especially for you at Christmas


At this very special time of year
We always turn to those we love;
Whether they are here or not
Our faith can shine up above.

Family times gathered together
We should hold deep within our heart;
Because there will come that time
When we will have to be apart.

Still hanging on the tree
Ornaments from years gone by;
Holding all those memories
That no price can ever buy.



Now that Christmas time is here
There' so much I'd like to say.
To tell the world about my Sister
Who brings joy along each day.

No one else has shared my secrets
Nor the times that I have cried;
More than my kind and Caring Sister
Whom I know is on my side.

She's there with her caring heart
When in problems I am caught;
Or when I needed cheering up
Because of troubles life has brought.

She's such a lovely person
Upon whom I may depend;
My beautiful Caring Sister
My guide and my best friend.

So, now that Christmas time is here
No one could be wished more happiness;
Than the very Special Sister
With whom I have been blessed.


Family Christmas Poems


Only a couple to go now
Excitement building up;
Before we go to Evensong
And mulled wine we sup!

Smiling faces all around
You can feel the Peace in the air:
The many lights around the towns
Make all little children stare.

Santa Claus is on his way
Mom whispers in my ear;
You'd better be good or else
He just might not stop here.