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Forget Me Not Poems


Here are our Forget Me Not Poems to never forget or regret our loves or encounters or those we have lost. These beautiful very tiny but sturdy flowers pop up every year and make us remember and smile! People and times never to be forgotten!

They are free for you to use for non commercial purpose.

Always Loved and in our Hearts


Those we love are never truly gone, and they live in
treasured memories in the hearts for always.



Two weeks to seventeen
In her evening gown, the girl dresses
the girl looks at her stunning self
No, not in the mirror
the girl sees herself in the coffin Lifeless.

The girl beholds her mother weeps
and blank stares come from her father but
what else more can be done?
Out of her body, yes she is
To contact the living,
No, she can’t

The girl sees her lover comes
with seventeen red roses, pretty, she thinks
kisses her forehead, as he used to do
"I love you forever," the boy whispers
and inside the coffin the roses be.

The pastor comes and done is done
The only child, yes, the girl is
and through the cries, weeps, tears and moans
The girl murmurs, "forget-me-not"

Then Death comes and asks her hand
"No, " she says, "I’m not done yet
Death nods but says no words
"forget-me-not, I want them to do"
and Death is gone, is found no more

Two weeks to seventeen the girl still is
Now to the graveyard, her lover goes
seventeen yellow roses, sweet, thinks the girl
"It’s your seventeenth birthday, so happy birthday"
He kisses the tombstone, and a tear falls down
"forget-me-not" the girl wants to say

It’s spring, then summer, autumn and winter
Yet two weeks to seventeen, is all the girl can be
First year of remembrance, now it is
and at her grave, there they stand
her loving parents with their new-born baby
"forget-me-not" the girl wishes

Forget Me Not Poems

Three years past, oh how time runs
but two weeks to seventeen the girl will still be
The little angel grows up – oh lovely, she is
lullabies and good-night kisses now hum in the air
no more seeing photo albums and videos,
No, it was all gone
"forget-me-not" the girl will cry

The boy is broken, crushed, but then moves on
chats with other girls, opens heart once more
the picture of the girl in his wallet, now it’s gone
It’s been five years, but what’s the point?
"I love you forever," the boy has said
but forever is over, the girl will say

Two weeks to seventeen, the girl cries
she watches her 12 years old sister, ah, teenagers
To the graveyard, her family goes
"You have a big sister," her parents then say
but the sister says, no, none sister of hers
"forget-me-not…" the girl weeps

The man wears his white tuxedo, handsome as ever
tying the knot, making promises
"Objection! " the girl cries out
but as he kisses his bride and takes her hand
the girl stares blankly – he used to kiss me
"forget-me-not" forgotten all the way

Back to her graveyard, the girl goes
"forget-me-not, please don’t forget me"
"forget-me-not, please, remember me"
"forget-me-not, please, forget-me-not…"

In her remembrance and two weeks after, the girl is still

there and two weeks to seventeen, the girl still is

A man comes, seventeen red roses in hand

"It’s your birthday, so happy birthday"

and with that he kisses the tombstone, lovely as ever

then the girl knows he is doing "forget-me-not"

A couple comes and cleans her grave

and with their 16-years-old daughter, there they stand

"We love you forever, forever isn’t over"

as her family cries but forces a smile she knows that

"forget-me-not" they do not forget

Now Death comes and asks her hand

The girl smiles and her hand she gives

"No more forget-me-nots, I am letting go

For they remember me, but life must goes on"

Two weeks to seventeen, ah, the girl still is

In companion of Death, she now will be

Marcella Purnama


Forget Me Not Poems



Epitaph upon a child that died

Here she lies, a pretty bud,

Lately made of flesh and blood:

Who as soon fell fast asleep

As her little eyes did peep

Give her strewings, but did not stir

The earth that lightly covers her.

Robert Herrick


For Daisy

This time it was not to be

You've gone back from whence you came;

None of us here on earth though

Will ever be the same.

Sadness overwhelms us

In waves that come and go;

You're in our hearts and minds

We already miss you so.

Everything was ready

Your grand entrance was so close;

You've been called back to heaven

Little fingers and little toes.

We hope you can feel our love, that
Somehow you knew you weren't well;
Your little heart not strong enough
You couldn't stay and couldn't tell.


The Forget Me Not

There is a sweet, a lovely flower,
Tinged deep with faith’s unchanging hue,
Pure as the ether in its hour
Of loveliest and serenest blue.

The streamlet’s gentle side it seeks,
The silent fount, the shaded grot;
And sweetly to the heart it speaks
Forget-me-not, forget-me-not.

See the flowers, how they grow;
Hear the winds that gently blow.
Bird and insect, flower and tree,
Know they must not idle be;

Each has something it must do
Little children, so must you.
Oh, this sweet and lovely flower
Forget-me-not, forget-me-not.



Forget me not when I am old
When I repeat the same things
When I insist on having my way
When I forget your name
When I spoil your plans
Forget me not when I am old
When I am just taking-up space
When I am a burden on your day
When I call you a hundred times
When I seem to presume too much
My child, afford me a little dignity
- spare me a little patience
- show me a little kindness
Forget me not when I am old
for this much I have earned:
Through countless sleepless nights
-caring for you
Through a thousand tiring days
-working hard for you
Through these many years
-watching over you
-to see the beauty of who you have become
Forget me not when I am old
For your care of me
Brings out the best in you
and sows the seeds of your own tomorrow.
John K. Baw


Forget Me Not Poems



Forget Me Not Poem

Our little ones whisper,"Forget me not",
As their specialness wraps around our heart.
Their short little lives hold meaning and love
Their spirits have touched us-each and everyone.
They have left their gifts for us to uncover,
If we open our eyes,our hearts and our lives.
The road to discovery is hilly and dark.
Will we long harbor the pain or set our wings for the light?
Our lives have been changed,our paths filled with sorrow.
Yet their memories embrace us and our love lasts forever.
If we open our hearts,their gifts shall unfold,as we
forget them not.
Sherokee Ilse


We are only remembered

For a generation or two;

So I am glad

Forget Me Nots are blue.

So think of me often

And smile when you do;

As memories are precious

The flowers are blue-not you!



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