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Grandchildren Birthday Poems

Our lovely grandaughters and grandsons bring such joy to our lives and here are some Grandchildren Birthday Poems just for them.

These are free for you to use for non commercial purpose.



What a special little girl, what a special lovely year
You fill each day with happiness with laughter joy and cheer;
No one could have imagined just how precious you could be
A wonderful addition to our family.

Your 1st year has been perfect, it's so nice to watch you grow
everyday you're loved so much more than you could ever know;
So wonderful and sweet
tomorrow holds more special times that we cannot wait to meet.


They came in all shapes & sizes

Tall thin & short & stout;

Dark hair, blonde hair curly or straight

But their smiles are what it's all about.

My Ganmama is what I'm called

I love the name to bits;

When it spills out of their little mouths

We laugh & laugh in fits.

Running to my held out arms

I smell the newly washed hair;

So pleased to see me when they smile

I see their eyes & the love that's there.

Special days when I watched them born

They entered into this world;

They joined our gigantic family

Now it is their lives unfurled.

1,2,3 & 4 special times for sure

Then lost to their days at school;

In memories & photos to stay small

Joining me on facebook now- that's cool!



A granddaughter is love
In a bright pink bow;
A bundle of happiness
With face all aglow.

A tomboy in jeans
With a tear streaked face;
Crying because
She has just lost a race.

Then all of a sudden,
No longer small;
She's a vision of loveliness
Dressed for a ball.

A dreamer, a schemer,
No two days the same;
What is a granddaughter?
It's more than a name

She's a pleasure, a treasure,
A comfort each day;
Loving and sweet
In her own special way.

She's a sense of contentment
Felt deep inside;
Bringing a lifetime
Of pleasure and pride.


Grandchildren Birthday Poems


The Perfect Little Girl

When God was making Madison
He thought "what can I do"
To create a perfect little girl
To make a grandma’s dream come true.

He started with cute and healthy
Then added extra smarts;
Then threw in lots of giggles
To lighten up our hearts.

He made her eyes a great big blue
And put extra twinkles there;
Then stroked her skin with angel dust
To make it soft and fair.

He made her brave and made her strong
Part of her mum and part of her dad;
And made her big enough to share
So everyone could treasure.

It’s been seven years since God sent you
And I’m thankful everyday;
That he heard the prayer from Grandma
and sent the perfect little girl our way.



Granddaughter on this special day
These words are sent to say;
You bring a ray of sunshine
Into the world each day.

For having you as a Grandaughter
Is a gift to closely hold;
Always and forever
To treasure just like gold.

For you are always there
Like a light that shines so bright;
And you spread rainbows of happiness
Over everything in sight.

So thank you so much (Name)
For all the things you do;
For all the kindness in your heart
And fun and laughter too !


Grandchildren Birthday Poems


My Special Penny

My Granddaughter gave me a penny,
And it means the world to me.
For it is a constant reminder,
Of the love she has for me.

She chose me to have her penny,
That meant so much to her.
To buy a world of treasuries,
Was her special dream for me.

I will never spend this penny,
It's more precious to me than gold.
Because it tells a story,
Of a love that will never grow old.
© Brinda Carter for Nellie Kay Mize


My grandsons tell me stories

The things they do at school;

They do seem that they are naughty

But boys are boys but they're no fools.

They grow up quick these days

Although they still remember when;

I let them in the garden

And then we built a den.

They're into football now

And that cool running thing;

Jumping over walls and such

Somersaulting over swings.

They still wait for birthdays

The special one for them;

Except we double up a lot

Especially for jason & ben.



Boys & birthdays mean a ball

A bike or racing car or two;

As they run around all day & night

It exhausts me - how about you?


Not long ago it was building bricks

Now a pint of beer;

I yearn for those days now

The future held no fear.

You've signed up with your mate

Fighting on the front for us;

You said you would that day that we

Saw the soldiers on that bus.

I am so proud of you

On this your special day;

My love will watch over you

Bringing you home I pray!



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