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Little Christmas Poems


Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas otherwise known as

The Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ, traditionally connected to the Adoration of the Magi, or Old Christmas Day (according to the Gregorian Calendar

In Ireland it is better known as Nollaig mban - Little Christmas or "Women's Christmas". This was the day when women were cherished, could put their feet up and (after twelve or more days of slaving away to keep the menfolk happy) and enjoy. An almost forgotten tradition. Women's Christmas is enjoying something of a revival, both in Ireland and abroad. It is becoming very popular in all of the Irish-emigrant communities.So c'mon girls let's bring this one back!!

Have yourself a merry little christmas!!!!

So, Women of the World unite...this coming January 6th have an epiphany and let your other 'alf use your pinny, don your glad rags and get off to the pub. Why not have girly doooo!

So for my mum

Thank you for the memories of trips to London and shows with drinkypoos and posh nosh, lots of giggles never to be forgotten!


Let us keep Little Christmas
Holding it close to our hearts...
For it's meaning never ends
And it's spirit is the warmth and joy
Of remembering good friends...



We're joined in a friendship

That time cannot sever

With bonds we have built

We'll remain friends forever

We're welded in spirit

Attached by our hearts

And fused by the feelings

That friendship emparts

We're tied by emotions

Connected by dreams

Reinforced by our hopes

Unified by extremes

No longer a function

of time or of space

Our love is a substance

That life won't replace

No matter how distant

We'll always endeavour

To sense the full meaning

of Friendship Forever 


There is that friend that mean so much to you, that you honestly believe you would stop studying for a final exam, break a date with your crush of five years, or risk being grounded just so you could be there to lend a shoulder to cry on, offer a hug, or spend three hours just sitting with her if that would make it at all better.




We find it hard to not lose ourselves

With all the titles that we hold;
Mother, sister, daughter, wife
Grandmother if I may be so bold.

It sometimes seems that we're split
Into so many different roles;
Busy with all our family and friends
If we're not careful we can lose our soul.

Find some me time every day
If only half an hour;
To think or rest or do whatever
Even just taking a shower.

Meditate if possible
To separate you from them;
Your inner soul needs help
Just every now'n'again


Little Christmas Poems



The shepherds went their merry way
On following that star;
We can do things for our friends
No matter close or far.

Think of Jesus born today
Quite happy in a shed;
That goes to show we don't need it all
As long as we've a bed.

So put aside your differences
Show love to one and all;
You never know if an angel will
Ever come to call.


At this very special time of year
We always turn to those we love;
Whether they are here or not
Our faith can shine up above.

Family times gathered together
We should hold deep within our heart
Because there will come that time
When we will have to be apart.

Still hanging on the tree
Ornaments from years gone by;
Holding all those memories
That no price can ever buy.



May your Little Christmas Day be laden
with precious gifts to hold.
Those that will last forever
for they're worth far more than gold.

May the precious gift friendship
surround you every day.
And may life always bring you joy
in every single way.

May you realise every day
that every star you see.
Is a symbol just for you
to be all your meant to be.

For such things are far more precious
than any gifts we may receive.
For they bring a meaning to each day
that we may often scarce believe!

So, may the Christmas Angels
as they sing their joyful song;
tell of how they're with you always
as your path you walk along.

With warmest thoughts
for a
Special Little Christmastime
That will last the whole year long!



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