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Here are some Poems for Kids on our online page, that are cute, funny and very good for memorizing. Some are about school and their friends there but they will help with reading and learning about sharing stories.Plus phonic videos to help them learn the alphabet.

Now isn't he a cutie pie
With his head stuck in that book;
I think his little brains tired
That's just how I would look.


All the poems and the rhymes
Just don't make sense to me;
Cos I'd rather play outside
But my Mom says "No" just let it be!




There are many children around the world

Some are luckier than others;

But for those that I feel the most

Are the ones who have no mothers.

The reasons are for sure

Very difficult I know;

Some of them have a hard time

As there's nowhere else to go.

So if you're one of the lucky ones

Then turn and tell her so;

As Mom loves you so much more

Than you will ever know!



Childrens Funny Poem

To all the animals waiting
At the gang plank of the Ark
Noah said "Load up alphabetically
Starting with aardvark"

The adder was very happy

The antelope said "good call"

But the yak and the zebra

Just weren't happy at all

"OK", said Noah "lets start with the ones with the fewest legs"

A centipede said "that's absurd"

"Well what a good idea"

Said a stork to another bird

So all the birds prepared to load

Filing in two by two

"I must be first " came the shout

Of a little kangaroo

"Wait your turn" said the birds

"You've got two legs just like us

Try to be patient

Stop making all this fuss"

It took a while for the little joey

To emerge from the bunch

It's not easy to hop when one of your legs

Was once a crocodile's lunch

It should be us, but we'll just swim

Said two hunch backed whales

"We must be first" said two french frogs

Assisted by two snails

All at once the heavens opened

Heavy rain came falling down

Noah said "Let's start with the smallest

Or they will surely drown

"Yippee" said the flea

"Aye, aye" said the fly

"Bah poey" was the call

Of both hippopotami

How long it took, we'll never know
But one thing's for sure
Noah spent the 40 days and nights
Shovelling manure
Jessica Browne c 2008


Poems for Kids


The Lion is fierce

His teeth can pierce

The skin of a postman's knee;

But it serves him right,

That, because of his bite,

He gets no letters, you see.

Spike Milligan


A thousand hairy savages

Sitting down to lunch

Gobble, gobble, glup, glup

Munch, munch, munch

Spike Milligan



My Tree

My tree is older than my grandma
it's older than my gramp.
It stands like a scarecrow
and looks like a tramp.

It's leaves are all ripped
they are all curled and damp.
The trunk is very straight.
It is the best tree in the world.
Anya, from Wark.


Knock Knock
who's there?
Lettuce who?
Lettuce in and we'll tell you!


Close your eyes, close your eyes
You'll get a nice sur-prise
You won't have long to wait
Until you reach the wooden gate
That leads into the garden
The Garden of All Dreams
No, you won't have long to wait
Until you have your dreams

In the Garden of All Dreams
There's lots of girls and boys
And you can play and share with them
All your cuddly toys
In the Garden of All Dreams
You'll have a lovely time
For you can play with all your friends
From the Nursery Rhyme
Look there's little Jack and Jill
And Humpty Dumpty too
And Mary with her litle lamb
And Little Boy Blue


Poems for Kids



In the Garden of All Dreams
There's lollipops on trees
And animals and little birds
Playing in the breeze
In the Garden of All Dreams
You can watch the flowers grow
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids in a row

Close your eyes, close your eyes
You'll get a nice sur-prise
You won't have long to wait
Until you reach the wooden gate
That leads into the garden
The Garden of All Dreams
No, you won't have long to wait have.....your dreams
Jon Bratton © 1977


If I saw a hiccup
What color would it be?
That's a good question
Burple, perhaps, maybe


Animal Poems

Dunkirk (a ballad)

Will came back from school that day,
And he had little to say.
But he stood a long time looking down
To where the gray-green Channel water
Slapped at the foot of the little town
And to where his boat, the Sarah P,
Bobbed at the tide on an even keel,
With her one old sail, patched at the leech,
Furled like a slattern down at heel.
He stood for a while above the beach,
He saw how the wind and current caught her;
He looked a long time out to sea.
There was steady wind, and the sky was pale,
And a daze in the east that looked like smoke.
 Robert Nathan 1894


I tell my doggie everything
Her name is Bella Bonne;
I don't know what I'll do without her
Now that she has gone.

I used to tell her all my woes
She exercised me all the time;
Others thought she was a scruffy sod
But Bella Bonne she was mine.

She gave to me her heart and soul
Loyal to the very last minute;
She guided me through the worst of time
Loneliness is all I have left, innit!




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